Mon, Wed. Fri. (8:45-11:45)
Tuesday, Thursday (8:45-11:45)

Class Size: 10 Students

Student/Teacher Ratio: 10 to 1

The hands-on, theme-based curriculum planned by the teacher allows the learner varied opportunities to become involved in activities of great interest. The child will gain experience with math concepts (such as counting, sorting, measuring, shape and space, ordering, one-to-one correspondence, etc.) through games, activities and manipulatives.

Language development will increase as books are read and discussed, letters are presented and listening skills are encouraged. At the same time the child will learn to function as part of a group. Through science exploration and discovery the child will learn more about the world while creative art and music activities will help to provide a well-rounded program.

This challenging learning environment will engage the learner and provide the atmosphere for optimal development to occur.